The Collateral Families Of Castelnuovo di Porto And Contigliano Italy
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Report: People Marked as Living

         Description: People whose "Living" flag is set, sorted by Birthdate and last name.
Since the results show Marriage Date, people with more than one marriage are listed more than once. If you remove Marriage Date from the "Fields to Display", the report will show you the correct count of people who are marked as Living.
Note that under Admin >> Miscellaneous >> Data Validation, you'll find a report called " Person marked as deceased, possibly still living", which lists people who are not marked as living, but who should be.

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# Person ID Last Name, Given Name(s) Suffix Birth Date Marriage Date
1 I333  Private       
2 I370  Private       
3 I514  Private       
4 I549  Private       
5 I1788  Private       
6 I2134  Private       
7 I2865  Private       
8 I2871  Private       
9 I2938  Private       
10 I2941  Private       
11 I3639  Private       
12 I3836  Private       
13 I3837  Private       
14 I3838  Private       
15 I4071  Private       
16 I4200  Private       
17 I4768  Private       
18 I4779  Private       
19 I4820  Private       
20 I4821  Private       
21 I4823  Private       
22 I4840  Private       
23 I4920  Private       
24 I5867  (BERNARDINI), Unknown       
25 I5848  (FALSINI), Unknown       
26 I5863  (FALSINI), Unknown       
27 I5843  (FALZINI), Unknown       
28 I5864  (FALZINI), Unknown       
29 I5879  (FALZINI), Unknown       
30 I5883  (FALZINI), Unknown       
31 I5849  (FELICI), Unknown       
32 I5866  (FERENC), Unknown       
33 I5844  (MARCELLINI), Unknown       
34 I5882  (PAMPANINI), Unknown       
35 I5895  (PIPPA), Unknown       
36 I5834  (POLINARI), Unknown       
37 I5892  (POLINARI), Unknown       
38 I5893  (POLINARI), Unknown       
39 I5833  (ROCCHI), Unknown       
40 I5896  (VAN SISE), Unknown       
41 I8379  BARON, Mr. Greg       
42 I7195  BEITLER, Mr. John Adam       
43 I8550  BENDER, Ms. Lynne Marie       
44 I8208  BONACCORSI, Mr. Adolfo       
45 I8207  BONACCORSI, Mr. Alberto       
46 I8648  CARIONI, Ms. Benedetta       
47 I8645  CARIONI, Mr. Gianluca       
48 I8646  CARIONI, Ms. Ludovica       
49 I8647  CARIONI, Mr. Stefano       
50 I6658  CASHON, Mr. Jack       
51 I3930  CEFALONI, Mr. Angelo       
52 I2851  CEO, Ms. Nancy       
53 I2847  CEO, Ms. Rose       
54 I2634  CIOCIA, Ms. Basia       
55 I884  CLIFFORD, Mr. William J.       
56 I2653  CORELLI, Ms. Aurelia       
57 I4317  CRISTOFANI, Mr. Stefano       
58 I4860  CROGNALI, Mr. Nicola       
59 I9904  DIOCIAIUTI, Ms. Lorena       
60 I5846  FALZINI, Unknown       
61 I29  FERRITTO, Ms. Heather       
62 I9902  GIOVANNETTI, Ms. Orlanda       
63 I8502  GRANCHIE, Ms. Barbara       
64 I6359  HINOTE, Christopher W.       
65 I9885  IANNAGGI, Mr. Adam       
66 I8787  KLESCH, Ms. LYNN M.       
67 I1759  LESTI, Mr. Anthony       
68 I6378  MANGI, Mr. Joseph P.       
69 I3394  MARCELLINI, Ms. Maria       
70 I3395  MARCELLINI, Ms. Rosa       
71 I7051  MARTIN, Ms. Linda C.       
72 I9586  MATRAS, Mr. Domenic       
73 I5832  MCKINNEY, Jeremy Dashawn       
74 I5858  NERI, Unknown       
75 I9186  NIKSICK, Mr. Douglas       
76 I9700  NOBILI, Ms. Melania       
77 I9701  NOBILI, Ms. Melissa       
78 I5865  ONDAS, Unknown       
79 I7990  O\'FLYNG       
80 I7983  PAYNE, Mr. Griffin       
81 I8861  REEDER, Connie Mae       
82 I5835  RENZOPAOLI, Unknown       
83 I6888  RICHARDSON, Mr. William Michael       
84 I6587  ROSE, Ms. Sylvia M.       
85 I8876  SABOL, Ms. Mary       
86 I4314  SALVATORI, Ms. Roberta       
87 I7204  SHAW, Wesley       
88 I8663  STERLING, Ms. Irene       
89 I9584  SWIECICKI, Mr. JEFFREY A.       
90 I2579  TABAJ, Ms. Florence       
91 I2578  TABAJ, Mr. Lawerence       
92 I8478  TEVIS, Ms. Barbara       
93 I8479  TEVIS, Ms. Dorothea       
94 I8477  TEVIS, Mr. Jack       
95 I8476  TEVIS, Mr. John       
96 I8649  TRAVAGLINI, Ms. Teresa       
97 I9157  TURNER, Mr. Thomas Dale       
98 I4318  UNKNOWN, Ms. Miriam       
99 I9530  UNKNOWN, Unknown       
100 I3585  VANKOVICH, Mr. Nicholas J.       

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