The Collateral Families Of Castelnuovo di Porto And Contigliano Italy
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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Ms. Margaret  Abt 1871Pennsylvania I6130
2 BEER, Ms. Effie Irene  29 Apr 1895Pennsylvania I5090
3 BERQUIST, Mr. Gilbert Martin  Abt 1913Pennsylvania I5205
4 BITTNER, Judith   I2869
5 BOWDEN, Ms. Patricia Louise  Abt 1928Pennsylvania I5210
6 BRADLEY, Ms. Ada J.  Abt 1868Pennsylvania I5477
7 BURNS, Ms. Dorothy Elizabeth   I6029
8 COLBY, Mr. Edward H.  Abt 1872Pennsylvania I6129
9 COOLE, Ms. Bessie A.  Abt 1890Pennsylvania I5514
10 CZENKI, Ms. Anne Marie  28 Nov 1913Pennsylvania I8721
11 CZENKI, Mr. George Albert  17 Mar 1932Pennsylvania I8772
12 DEPPEN, Ms. Mary  Abt 1882Pennsylvania I5397
13 DUTTON, Ms. Anna L.  Abt 1881Pennsylvania I5482
14 FORBES, Ms. Amelia Mertilla  Abt 1843Pennsylvania I5468
15 GOLDFINCH, Ms. Malvina  Abt 1877Pennsylvania I5655
16 GRANCHI, Ms. Mary  Abt. 1904Pennsylvania I8455
17 GRANCHI, Ms. Rita  Abt 1925Pennsylvania I8544
18 GRANCHI, Mr. Robert F.  21 Feb 1923Pennsylvania I8539
19 HALKOVICH, Mr. William George   I6607
20 HINMAN, Ms. Chloe Evelyn  Abt 1878Pennsylvania I5344
21 KIBBIE, Chloe  Abt 1888Pennsylvania I5632
22 KIBBIE, Ms. Cora M.  Abt 1877Pennsylvania I5630
23 KIBBIE, Ms. Edna  Abt 1890Pennsylvania I5633
24 KIBBIE, Mr. Floyd  Abt 1892Pennsylvania I5634
25 KIBBIE, Ms. Gennie M.  Abt 1879Pennsylvania I5631
26 KIBBIE, Mr. James Frank  1 May 1874Pennsylvania I5629
27 KIBBIE, Mr. Moses D.  22 Apr 1847Pennsylvania I5628
28 KING, Ms. Margaret  Abt 1824Pennsylvania I5103
29 KOVALCHIK, Ms. Eleanor  Abt 1924Pennsylvania I7655
30 KOVALCHIK, Ms. Frances H.  24 Jun 1918Pennsylvania I5296
31 KOVALCHIK, Ms. Geraldine  Abt 1929Pennsylvania I7659
32 KOVALCHIK, Mr. Michael  17 Apr 1910Pennsylvania  I6351
33 LITAVIC, Ms. Ashley   I4780
34 MCDERMOTT, Ms. Annie J.  22 Apr 1882Pennsylvania I6090
35 MCDERMOTT, Mr. Philip  Abt 1905Pennsylvania I6151
36 MOREAU, Mr. Donald  27 Oct 1917Pennsylvania I6127
37 MOREAU, Mr. Grant D.  Abt 1895Pennsylvania I6118
38 MOREAU, Ms. Mercedes K.   I6119
39 MOREAU, Mr. Philip L.  21 Dec 1930Pennsylvania I6128
40 MURAL, Ms. Florence  1 Seept 1913Pennsylvania I7868
41 MURAL, Mr. Michael  15 Nov 1910Pennsylvania I7157
42 NAGY, Ms. Elizabeth  Abt 1899Pennsylvania I5295
43 NELSON, Ms. Sophie  13 Jan 1899Pennsylvania I6095
44 NICHOLS, Ms. Adelaide C.  Abt 1873Pennsylvania I5339
45 NICHOLS, Mr. Burtis H.  Abt 1868Pennsylvania I5337
46 NICHOLS, Ms. Hattie Belle  Abt 1870Pennsylvania I5338
47 PINALI, Ms. Carolina  26 Jul 1898Pennsylvania I7606
48 POLKABLA, Mr. George  28 Jan 1921Pennsylvania I6311
49 POLLOCK, Ms. Jane  25 Feb 1821Pennsylvania I5597
50 PORTER, Ms. Selah  Abt 1852Pennsylvania I5043
51 RONOCKS, Ms. Maria D.  19 Jul 1904Pennsylvania I6536
52 SLOBBE, Mr. Anthony  9 Dec 1932Pennsylvania I7610
53 SLOBBE, Ms. Theresa  16 Aug 1926Pennsylvania I7609
54 SLOWBE, Mr. Albert Theodore  28 Jan 1920Pennsylvania I7607
55 SLOWBE, Mr. Americus  20 May 1921Pennsylvania I7608
56 SMITH, Ms. Rachel Ursula  Abt 1847Pennsylvania I5574
57 SNYDER, Ms. Kay Carol   I7390
58 SOVA, Ms. Erma  Abt 1918Pennsylvania I2038
59 SOVA, Mr. John  Abt 1914Pennsylvania I2037
60 STOLLAR, Mr. John  Abt. 1839Pennsylvania I7150
61 STOLLAR, Mr. Nathan  Abt. 1837Pennsylvania I7149
62 STOLLAR, Ms. Rosanna  Abt. 1834Pennsylvania I7148
63 TOOHEY, Mr. Paul Anthony   I7389
64 VAN CISE, Ms. Alice Rose  15 May 1853Pennsylvania I5401
65 VAN CISE, Mr. David Ellsworth  21 Jan 1874Pennsylvania I5513
66 VAN CISE, Ms. Dolly  Abt 1859Pennsylvania I5535
67 VAN CISE, Ms. Edith  Abt 1871Pennsylvania I5576
68 VAN CISE, Ms. Flora  Abt 1867Pennsylvania I5575
69 VAN CISE, Ms. Ida  Abt 1863Pennsylvania I5536
70 VAN CISE, Mr. Joseph Ephraim  Abt 1869Pennsylvania I5512
71 VAN CISE, Ms. Mary Ellen  31 Aug 1911Pennsylvania I5422
72 VAN CISE, Ms. Polly  Abt 1837Pennsylvania I5369
73 VAN CISE, Ms. Ruth Louisa  Abt 1832Pennsylvania I5362
74 VAN SISE, Mr. Albert LeRoy  Abt 1866Pennsylvania I5470
75 VAN SISE, Mr. Amos F.  Abt 1880Pennsylvania I5473
76 VAN SISE, Ms. Caddie  Abt 1864Pennsylvania I5469
77 VAN SISE, Ms. Carrie Frances  Abt 1901Pennsylvania I5657
78 VAN SISE, Ms. Charlotte V.  20 Oct 1857Pennsylvania I5589
79 VAN SISE, Mr. Clinton N.  6 Apr 1908Pennsylvania I5400
80 VAN SISE, Mr. Earl A.  Abt 1890Pennsylvania I5479
81 VAN SISE, Ms. Edna L.  Abt 1887Pennsylvania I5478
82 VAN SISE, Ms. Emma A.  9 May 1856Pennsylvania I5588
83 VAN SISE, Mr. Fred L.  Abt 1904Pennsylvania I5656
84 VAN SISE, Mr. Glenn H.  Abt 1897Pennsylvania I5481
85 VAN SISE, Mr. Glenn Harold  18 Nov 1898Pennsylvania I5474
86 VAN SISE, Mr. Harold Roy  14 Dec 1921Pennsylvania I5582
87 VAN SISE, Ms. Hazel Cora  Abt 1906Pennsylvania I5658
88 VAN SISE, Ms. Hazel E.  Abt 1892Pennsylvania I5480
89 VAN SISE, Ms. Ida Blanche  19 Jul 1909Pennsylvania I5484
90 VAN SISE, Ms. Lida Eliza  30 Nov 1858Pennsylvania I5590
91 VAN SISE, Ms. Margery I.  Abt 1899Pennsylvania I5483
92 VAN SISE, Ms. Nora E.  Abt 1908Pennsylvania I5659
93 VAN SISE, Ms. Pearl  4 Sep 1906Pennsylvania I5399
94 VAN SISE, Ms. Rhoda Belle  Abt 1863Pennsylvania I5503
95 VAN SISE, Mr. Vernon L.  25 Oct 1871Pennsylvania I5108
96 WHITMAN, Ms. Dellie Lily  Abt 1903Pennsylvania I5581


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Ms. Margaret  1915Pennsylvania I6130
2 MANIK, Ms. Agnes Marie  30 Aug 1990Pennsylvania I5310
3 NOVELLI, Ms. Giovanna  26 Apr 1953Pennsylvania I2840
4 POLLOCK, Ms. Jane  1895Pennsylvania I5597
5 ROCKEFELLER, Ms. Ella  20 Jan 1981Pennsylvania I6716
6 SMITH, Ms. Rachel Ursula  1928Pennsylvania I5574
7 STERMOCK, Ms. Anna Marie  20 Apr 2004Pennsylvania I6562
8 VAN CISE, Mr. Henry  Pennsylvania I5359


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COLBY / ANDERSON  Abt 1888Pennsylvania F1944
2 SLOBBE / PINALI  Abt. 1918Pennsylvania F2431
3 TALPAS / GADDISH  Pennsylvania F1570
4 VAN CISE / SMITH  Abt 1866Pennsylvania F1789
5 VAN SISE / BLAKESLEE  4 Jun 1937Pennsylvania F1795
6 VAN SISE / DEPPEN  Abt 1900Pennsylvania F1745
7 VAN SISE / ELDERKIN  Abt 1865Pennsylvania F1656
8 VAN SISE / GOLDFINCH  Abt 1897Pennsylvania F1815

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